How we work

Extensive investor exposure

We can help you to unlock capital from diverse sources. From angels, PE and VC to the crowd.

Support beyond Fundraising

We will actively join your team and work with you on legal, marketing, PR and of course campaigning.

Cost and time efficient

Our simple Four Phase Fundraising process reduces time and lowers costs in managing the fundraise process.

Support beyond Fundraising

We know that raising funds for your company is crucial to you. But the fundraising process can often be complex and difficult, leaving even the most promising companies struggle to get the right funding.

That’s why we actively enforce your team and guide you through the process.

    Pitches and Kick-off events

    Bespoke (Advertising & Social Media) Marketing Strategy

    Personalised workshops


    Fundraise material creation

    Community creation and management


Kick-Off session

To start off your campaign the right way, we start off with an intensive kick-off session. The main focus of this session is identifying your investors and formulating a message that resonates with them. When this is clear, we map out the specific journeys and create a structured planning for the upcoming period.

When we are on the same page with regards to the campaign’s message, we move on to the crowdfunding essentials. Together we create all the materials you might need during your campaign. Such as: financials, pitch decks, campaign videos, legal documents and anything else that might be necessary.

The Fundamentals


Once everything is set, it’s time to start reaching your investors. We create the investors’ community and build up the momentum required for the launch of your campaign. The moment we open up the investment funnel, investors will rush to claim their spot and you campaign will fill within the blink of an eye.

After an extensive period of campaigning, you will have a committed group of investors. To maintain a healthy relationship with this community we make sure to update your community often. Share what’s happening with the company and with their investment.


Ready to unlock growth?

Security Token Offering

A Security Token Offering (also known as STO) can be very valuable to your investors. However, this new digital form of finance is still in its infancy. We will navigate you in this new field and help you to set up your own STO-campaign.

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Traditional funding

Collectively we will create the ‘core why’ for your investors. Consecutively, we will produce the right content and set up all tools for  acquisition. We will enforce your team and manage everything for you throughout the process.

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Islamic finance

Fair distribution of risks is essential to Islamic finance. In practice, Islamic finance has many different forms. We will help you with the form that suits your business best.

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