How it works

Extensive investor exposure

We can help you to unlock capital from diverse sources. From angels, PE and VC to the crowd.

Support beyond Fundraising

We will actively join your team and work with you on legal, marketing, PR and of course campaigning.

Cost and time efficient

Our simple Four Phase Fundraising process reduces time and lowers costs in managing the fundraise process.

Support beyond Fundraising

We know that raising funds for your company is crucial to you. But the fundraising process can often be complex and difficult, leaving even the most promising companies struggle to get the right funding.

That’s why we actively enforce your team and guide you through the process.

    Pitches and Kick-off events

    Bespoke (Advertising & Social Media) Marketing Strategy

    Personalised workshops


    Fundraise material creation

    Community creation and management


Your free FundMeUp Workshop

In this initial meeting (or call), we will take our time to explain everything we can do for you, at no charge

In this stage, the conversation is all about you and your business. We will examine your business model thoroughly and conduct our due diligence. It is essential, that we understand your organization and your specific needs.

Company Deep Dive

Structuring your solution

In this stage, we will create the optimal solution and strategy for your business. 

We will – together with you – define the mission, timelines, budget and anything else that matters for reaching your goals.

Your success is our success. In the execution phase, we will strive hard to reach our collective goals. 

Unlock capital to grow your business 

Ready to unlock growth?

Islamic finance

Fair distribution of risks is essential to Islamic finance. In practice, Islamic finance has many different forms. We will help you with the form that suits your business best.

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