How it works
“We like to work with FundMeUp because they favor quality over speed. FundMeUp works with us, rather than for us. They safeguard us from decisions that could harm our business or corporate reputation. Which is important in this industry.”

Pieter Hoffs
Founder Groasis

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We can imagine there is still a lot to explain about digital securities/ownership and raising capital for your business. We will take our time to explain everything and answer questions, at no charge, in a meeting or conference call.
Company Deep Dive
In this stage, the conversation is all about you and your business. We will examine your business model thoroughly and conduct our due diligence. It is essential, that we understand your organization and its need to raise capital.
Structure your financing solution
In this stage, we will create, together with you, the optimal financing structure and strategy. We will define the technical and legal constraints and define a detailed step-by-step plan to reach your business objectives.
Unlock Capital to grow your business
Your success is our success. In the acquisition phase, we will provide you with all necessary tools, marketing strategies, and access to our investors in order to unlock your capital.

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