Engage Communities

Through self-sovereign digital ownership, you can engage your people and build stronger relationships with your customers.

Engage Communities

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Identify the community that carries your business

Let’s define who supports your mission and what inspires them. Every segment of your community resonates with a different message. Therefore, identifying your community is vital for building an impactful relationship.

Beyond digital ownership
Through digital ownership, we can effortlessly enable people to become shareholders in your company. Moving beyond the narrative of owning a piece of the company, there are numerous other models we can design for you to strengthen your community relationships. Think about loyalty programs, cash-backs, community contributions etc. We can coordinate group behavior, as long as the incentives are correctly aligned.
Momentum is imperative for successful community-driven finance. FundMeUp formulates the marketing strategy that will help you to reach your fundraising and/or community engagement goals. Subsequently, we can leverage our network to execute marketing tasks.

Ready to unlock growth,

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