Use case

Eyevestor is a web-based SaaS platform that provides the equity solution for tomorrow’s companies. The eyevestor platform makes it easy for companies to digitise, sell and trade their shares. Eyevestor and fundmeup share the same DNA; eyevestor also believes that finance will be democratised  and ownership is the best tool for community engagement. Eyevestor decided to use our services and let us manage the entire fundraising campaign from A to Zuccess.


In eyevestor’s kick-off session we spent a lot of time on identifying the investors that might be interested to have a stake in eyevestor. Since eyevestor is a B2B company with not as many direct clients/customers as a B2C company may have, it is very important to clearly visualize the different target groups and their respective investor journeys. Additionally, we gave some attention to the practical (not less important) stuff.


It requires some effort to understand eyevestor’s business case immediately. Therefore we have focused to make eyevestor’s fundraising material easily understandable and simplistic without detracting eyevestor’s value. A lot of effort has gone into the landingpage which later turned out to be a conversion machine. 


In eyevestor’s campaign we laid a lot of emphasis on content and making sure the content arrives to the right people at the right time in the right form. We have approached the momentum building methodically with regards to combining different forms of outreach (ads, articles, videos) and stacking these different workstreams as we got closer to opening the investment funnel. Interested investors had to commit themselves by registering their investment amounts. In the meantime, they could earn extra shares and benefits by referring friends and family. When we had built enough momentum, we went live with the fundraising campaign and filled €250K equity investment within 6 days. 

After service

As a result of a strong collaboration, eyevestor and fundmeup have become close partners after eyevestor’s fundraising round. Currently, we are helping companies that want to do their own fundraising rounds on the eyevestor platform. Eyevestor provides marketing budget for clients that are managed by fundmeup as they have seen how we can effectively allocate marketing budget and achieve results.

Security Token Offering

A Security Token Offering (also known as STO) can be very valuable to your investors. However, this new digital form of finance is still in its infancy. We will navigate you in this new field and help you to set up your own STO-campaign.

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Traditional funding

Collectively we will create the ‘core why’ for your investors. Consecutively, we will produce the right content and set up all tools for  acquisition. We will enforce your team and manage everything for you throughout the process.

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Islamic finance

Fair distribution of risks is essential to Islamic finance. In practice, Islamic finance has many different forms. We will help you with the form that suits your business best.

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