We founded fundmeup because we believe in entrepreneurs and wish to help them realize their dreams. 

As experienced marketeers in community-driven finance, we have seen firsthand how an engaged community can enhance growth of a product, company or project. In addition to providing capital for growth, an engaged community unlocks great marketing benefits as these people evolve from fans to stakeholders. 

Through our hands-on approach, we secure both community engagement and access to capital – two vital components for companies on the verge of growth. 

We want impactful companies and their investors to flourish.



Pascal van der Steen

Dan Dinu

Pieter de Haes

Sofiène Marzouki

Ready to unlock growth?

Security Token Offering

A Security Token Offering (also known as STO) can be very valuable to your investors. However, this new digital form of finance is still in its infancy. We will navigate you in this new field and help you to set up your own STO-campaign.

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Traditional funding

Collectively we will create the ‘core why’ for your investors. Consecutively, we will produce the right content and set up all tools for  acquisition. We will enforce your team and manage everything for you throughout the process.

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Islamic finance

Fair distribution of risks is essential to Islamic finance. In practice, Islamic finance has many different forms. We will help you with the form that suits your business best.

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